Private Maths Tutor 'A' Level, GCSE and UCAT Ranmoor Tuition (Sheffield)
Private Maths Tutor 'A' Level, GCSE and UCAT Ranmoor Tuition (Sheffield)

Prices - Individual Tuition

Tutorials are typically one hour in length, but can be 90 minutes or 2 hours if required.  Individual tuition takes place in the comfort of your own home The prices quoted below are per student per hour and include travel costs within a 3 mile radius.


Catch up tutorials: I will be working throughout the summer months - including August - for those that want 'catch up' tuition. Priority will be given to students moving from Y12 to Y13, to UCAT students and to students moving from Y10 to Y11.


Current Price

per hour

Price per hour
(from July 2022)
'A' level Maths £45 £47
GCSE Maths £40 £42
UCAT Skills Test £45 £47

Prices - 'A' level and GCSE Workshops for Individuals

The 'A' Level Maths Revision Workshops costs £160 per student for four hours of tuition. (This equates to £40 per hour). The GCSE Maths Revision Workshops costs £140 per student for four hours of tuition. (This equates to £35 per hour)

Prices - Workshops for schools

Prices for 'A' level and GCSE Maths Workshops for schools depend on length of workshop, number of students on the workshop, venue, level of entry, day of week etc. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Ranmoor Tuition

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+44 0114 2683202 +44 0114 2683202

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